The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative Supported by The Jackson Laboratory Targets Precision Care in Maine

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Led by The Jackson Laboratory and funded via the Harold Alfond Foundation, the Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative brings together providers, researchers and patients in Maine to advance cutting-edge genomic testing and precision cancer care for Maine residents.

The Purpose

Approximately 9,000 new cancer cases occur in the State of Maine each year. Oncologist and health care providers need more precise tools and insights to identify optimal therapies for these patients. This statewide initiative, driven by an alliance of oncologists, cancer experts and researchers, provides cutting-edge genomic testing and precision cancer care for Maine cancer patients with the goal of identifying more effective treatments. The research is facilitating with the genomic sequencing, cancer analytics and cancer research from the Jackson Lab which supports Maine’s oncologists and practitioners caring for the State’s cancer patient population.

The Jackson Lab

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution dedicated to contributing to the future of better health care based on the unique genetic makeup of each individual. Employing over 2,100 in Ben Harbor, Maine and Sacramento, California, not to mention a new genomic medicine institute in Farmington, Connecticut—the laboratory’s mission is to discovery precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in the shared quest to improve human health. The institute is a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center and has NIH centers of excellence in aging and systems genetics. JAX is the world’s source for more than 8,000 of genetically defined mice and home to the Mouse Genome Informatics database and because of the concentration of assets in this region, is a hub for scientific courses, conferences, training and education.

Major research areas include Cancer (The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center (JXCC); Development/Reproductive Biology; Immunology; Metabolic diseases; Neurobiology and Neurobehavioral disorders.

To learn more about The Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative see the link.

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