New Regulations for Kratom and CBD
New Regulations for Kratom and CBD
New Biobank Law in Sweden will Facilitate Research & Healthcare
FDA Approves First COVID Treatment for Use in Kids
Adult-Use Cannabis Conditional Licensing Program Launched
Adult-Use Cannabis Conditional Licensing Program Launched
A Cohort Study in Qatar Biobank
How The Human Brain Makes Memories
Medicinal Cannabis For Weight Loss
CRISPR-Based Technology Can Detect COVID Variants
A Study Finds Hemp Could Help Combat COVID-19
New Version of FreeLIMS’ Laboratory Information Management System
New Version of FreeLIMS’ Laboratory Information Management System
Research Test Kits for the new Omicron Variant Of Coronavirus
A 10-Minute Test Detects COVID-19 Immunity
Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Seafood
The Majority of Delta-8 Products Tested Have More THC Than Allowable Under Law
PFAS Levels Higher In Fertilizers Made From Urban Waste
NIH RADx Expands COVID-19 Testing Innovation
Russia's First Digital Biobank
Testing For Foodborne Pathogens
Mu - A COVID-19 Variant of Interest
Study Illuminates Origins Of Lung Cancer In Never Smokers
Live Cell Biobank for Individualized IBD Therapies
Intranasal Vaccines Aim To Stop COVID-19 Where It Starts
Face Mask that Detects COVID-19
Face Mask that Detects COVID-19
Face Mask that Detects COVID-19
Role of Artificial Intelligence In Precision Drug Discovery
Free COVID LIMS Software Solution for Operational Efficiency in SARS-CoV-2 Research & Diagnostics
Medical Cannabis May Treat or Prevent COVID-19
Medical Cannabis May Treat or Prevent COVID-19
Medical Cannabis May Treat or Prevent COVID-19
A new biobank provides insights into Parkinson’s disease
The First Clinical Trial for Cannabis as a Migraine Treatment Is Underway
The US FDA has authorized Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children
Nestlé, Irish food safety agency reveal challenges posed by COVID-19
A2LA Issued their First ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation
Polyclonal Antibody Therapeutic for COVID-19
Probiotic Yogurt-based Drug Could Treat COVID-19
Effect of Cannabis on Human Immune System
Pfizer Vaccine Induces Lasting Immunity Against COVID-19
Effect of COVID-19 on the Brain
Johnson & Johnson's One-shot COVID-19 Vaccine
Delaware Awards New Medical Cannabis Licenses
Cannabis Reduces Disruptive Behavior in Autistic Young People
Presence of COVID-19 Antibodies Post Infection
COVID-19 Neuro Biobank
2nd IBCQ International Biobanking Conference 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity Monitoring
Why some animals are immune to COVID-19
COVID-19 False-Positive Results
A COVID-19 Biobank
Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteer Dies
Johnson & Johnson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
Oregon Regulators Suspend a Cannabis Testing Lab
Algorithm Spots COVID-19 Cases from Eye Images
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Trial Put on Hold
COVID-19 Antigen Testing
Virtual Biobank
Coronavirus(COVID-19) Vaccine
Sewage testing for COVID-19 begins in England
COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
Durable Coating to Reduce Food Contamination
Biobank to Fight COVID-19
FDA Sends Warning Letters to Companies in California, New Jersey and New York
Experts Identify Steps to Expand and Improve Antibody Tests in COVID-19 Response
Dexamethasone Hailed as 'Breakthrough' in COVID-19 Trial, Reduced Deaths
Cow’s Antibodies Could be the Newest Weapon Against COVID-19
Vaccine for the Deadly Covid-19 could be Ready by October, Says Pfizer CEO
UK antibody testing for coronavirus check
FDA Clears First Home Saliva Test for Coronavirus
FDA Releases More Stringent Rules for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody Tests
Clinical Research Community Continues Consorted Effort to Address COVID-19
Biobanking’s Key Role in Fighting COVID-19
Launches Clinical Trial of Hydroxychloroquine
Coronavirus : Hospitals Urged to Use Lab Space to Test NHS Staff
Italy's coronavirus fatality rate so high?
Clinical Trials During the COVID-19
Coronavirus: From symptoms to how to protect yourself
Best Practice in Validating New Automated Sample Storage Systems at UZ KU Leuven Biobank
News Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative Supported by Jackson Laboratory
Clinical Research as a Care Option in Sacramento CA as Patient Turns Life Around
edu-BRoTHER: An Innovative Student Exchange Programme Providing Biobank Skills
Fujifilm Establishes the Bio Science and Engineering Labs in the US
Lack of Testing Facilities Could Slow Maine Legal Marijuana
HDL Cholesterol Verifier Kit From Verichem Laboratories
Air Quality Tests Need Simplifying to Help Reduce Dangerous Emissions
Inside the Giant Biobanks with 110,000 Blood Samples that may Hold the Key to Curing Cancer
New Study Finds Cannabis Effective for Treating Migraines
$20 Million Grant Award for DNA-Based Ocean Monitoring
Better Samples, Better Science: New Study Explores Integrity of Research Specimens
Clinical Laboratory Test for Alzheimer’s Disease Gets Ever Closer to Reality
FreeLIMS News—FDA: Paclitaxel Device Studies May Continue
Cannabis Stores near Disneyland
IBBL Concludes Pilot Biobank Proficiency Testing Programme in China
FreeLIMS Launches New Version of its LIMS
Pharma Industry Responds to Brexit Meaningful Vote
Facing Increasing Pressure from an Evolving Regulatory Environment, Clinical Laboratories
FDA’s Woodcock: The Clinical Trial System is Broken
ISBER Launches Russian Translation of Best Practices Launches a Complimentary, Cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
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