Clinical Research as a Care Option in Sacramento CA as Patient Turns Life Around

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Clinical Trials Research, a clinical investigational site in the Sacramento, CA area recently saved the life of a man on the brink with diabetes. Like many Americans, the patient, named Nicholas, succumbed to diabetes in a way that would eventually take his life. Despite a loving wife, two young boys, and a successful business, all of that changed for the worse. He was truly at a fork in the road and he chose to accept treatment, join a clinical trial, and the rest is history.

Diabetes is an Epidemic

It is possible that up to 100 million Americans have diabetes and pre-diabetes. About 30 million have type 2 diabetes alone. The cost of diabetes in the United States totals nearly $245 billion by 2012—average medical expenditures among people with diabetes are about 2.3 times higher.

An American Story

Nicholas was living the American dream including a wonderful wife, loving boys and a business. However, like many Americans is behavioral patters around food and nutritional issues that put him deeper and deeper into a health hole. While he didn’t change his lifestyle or eating habits, he did want to get better. But he didn’t know how to. Nicholas, however, turned to Clinical Trials Research (CTR), a clinical research center in Sacramento.

Treating the Whole Person

As it turned out, Nicholas turned to Clinical Trials Research (CTR) for help with his diabetes. He is one of 1,000 patients that turn to CTR for help in fields such as clinical trials. Jeffrey D. Wayne, MD and board-certified internist, and has been a clinical researcher since 1992. Dr. Wayne has conducted over 260 clinical studies. Well respected in the research community, Dr. Wayne isn’t just a clinical investigator or, for that matter, just a doctor—rather he practices with the whole person in mind.

As reported in KTVR 3, a local television channel, Nicolas arrived at CTR and found more than just a research facility running tests and collecting data. He found a small and caring team of professionals who not only supplied him with warm greetings and in-depth conversations but also medication, education and advice on getting his life back on track.

Dr. Wayne noted, “Nick had diet issues: his weight was a problem. His blood sugars were way out of control.” Hence, Dr. Wayne and Nick had a serious talk with him, telling him that he’s at ‘a fork in the road.’ It was time to go one direction but couldn’t go both ways.

Nicholas got signed up with a trial and today believes his life was saved by this research site and its clinical research as a care option. He declared, “If it wasn’t for the studies and the help from Dr. Wayne and the staff here, I don’t think I would be here right now.”

Who is Clinical Trials Research (CTR)?

Based in the Sacramento, CA area, Clinical Trials Research has seen over 1,000 patients like Nicholas for life saving help and found not only treatment and knowledge to control his disease, but also a staff who really cared about helping him heal—inside and out.

With 25+ years of experience, Dr. Wayne and team have conducted over 260 studies; they have enrolled over 1,000 patients and employed 17 team members.

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