Meet Regulatory Compliance for Your Cannabis Testing Lab

Free Cannabis LIMS Software for Testing Laboratories

cannabis LIMS

With many states in the US legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis, there has been a substantial increase in businesses offering Cannabis Testing. Major challenges for these laboratories are the State Regulations and the ISO guidelines that strictly outline the code of conduct for cannabis testing labs. Additionally, seed-to-sale tracking systems need to account for each gram of sample. To successfully operate a cannabis testing business, laboratories need to comply with state regulations that vary from one state to the other, and universal regulations like the ISO17025 and the ISO9001 standards. Cannabis testing laboratories need to establish workflows to maintain sample traceability through its life cycle in the lab while also maintaining the chain of custody and proper protocol, and documentation of each step in the workflow as well as that of the competency of its personnel. This roughly translates into humongous paperwork, which when unmaintained, could possibly lead to legal disputes.

Cannabis LIMS Software

FreeLIMS offers a comprehensive, one-stop solution to meet the multiple compliance requirements by automating laboratory operations, all at no cost. FreeLIMS software is a free Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that allows cannabis testing laboratories to manage and maintain laboratory workflows, through the sample lifecycle and meet compliance.

Cannabis LIMS Key Benefits

  • Efficient Data Management

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Professional COAs

  • Test Validation

  • Quality Control

Cannabis LIMS Software Features Include

  • Manage Samples throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Maintain Samples and Test Chain of Custody (CoC) to regulate the transfer of samples/tests from one custodian to another.

  • Meet regulatory compliances such as ISO 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, GLP, and state and local regulations via automated workflow management.

  • Manage qualitative and quantitative tests and their results, import test results of samples tested for multi-analytes, validate test results for quality assurance, and track test turnaround time to monitor laboratory efficiency.

  • Seamlessly generate comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COAs),with electronic signatures, logos, charts and sample pictures.

  • Maintain a read-only Audit Trail to track all user activities on the application.

  • Quality control can be established by comparing the test results of a batch with a blank.

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