Seed-to-Sale Software Solutions for Compliance, Testing, and State Tracking

Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software Solutions

February 13, 2020

State tracking systems in cannabis testing are critical to cannabis businesses to comply with industry and state regulations.

Now, more than ever, cannabis companies are in need of customized, reliable software to maintain compliance with state-level cannabis testing laws. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for cannabis companies helps with compliance requirements to manage and support traceability, and other state-level requirements.

Let’s break down the state tracking systems, how they’re impacting the cannabis industry, and how LIMS for cannabis is helping.

What do Cannabis Tracking Systems do?

Cannabis tracking systems are designed to monitor the growth, production, and distribution of cannabis products from seed-to-sale. They often require the tagging and tracing of each plant. Cannabis LIMS is designed to automate the workflow of cannabis business to comply with cannabis and state tracking systems at scale.

State regulations help ensure that clean products are making it to the marketplace, however, placing a burden on the cannabis testing companies.

The Difficulties of Cannabis Tracking Systems

The amoebic cannabis industry makes it difficult for business leaders to stay-up to date. Unfortunately, most business owners are not information system experts and this has a set of challenges. For example when Oregon’s cannabis regulations shifted in February in 2017 to enforce cannabis companies to include all of their QC data, many companies found themselves without a working framework of how to do so.

Software companies build state-explicit apparatus to enable their customers to follow the new state guidelines. Additionally, software has to address the legacy frameworks with a poor UI that does not encourage the work process of cannabis business pioneers.

Seed-to-Sale Software Solutions for Cannabis Businesses

Despite all the challenges faced in a nebulous set of regulations around the country, businesses have found ways to thrive using LIMS,and employing cannabis-centered SaaS for their information management.

The many benefits of this approach include:

  • Customized reports for cannabinoid concentrations, pesticide levels, and more
  • Flexibility in data models on an as-needed, or state-by-state, basis
  • Real-time access to data-24/7
  • Automated workflow processes
  • Lowered costs
  • Increased efficiency in account management
  • Improved capabilities to implement product recalls
  • Streamlined supply chain and inventory transactions

Do you need seed-to-sale software integration with your cannabis lab operations?

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