There are many laboratory information management systems (LIMS) available for labs to choose from. With laboratories (labs) mushrooming all over, the need for the best LIMS software solution has become imperative.

Given that laboratories have stringent testing measures to perform to comply with the accreditation or the governmental checks, an appropriate LIMS software solution should be in place to enable the lab workflow and allow for accuracy in test results.

How do these labs select the best LIMS software from a plethora of LIMS software available in the market?

Here are the key features in a LIMS that a typical laboratory requires

  • Workflow Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Security
  • Workload & Management Reports
  • Analytical Reports Generation
  • Manage and Track Patient Data
  • Method Standardardization and Validation
  • Test Ordering for Genetic, Point of Care, and Molecular Testing
  • Third-party Integration

Now that we know what the features required in a LIMS are, we can start looking for the best LIMS software solution available. Once again here we have to choose from web-based, standalone and SaaS-based LIMS software.

We have come up with the top 5 LIMS software to look for in 2020, not in any particular order:


With no upfront cost to use this software, CloudLIMS is probably the most cost-effective product on the market. CloudLIMS is a SaaS-based product hosted on the cloud. Which means, there is no product installation or hardware or additional software requirements. CloudLIMS also offers a host of complimentary services including technical support, hosting, backups, legacy data migration and instrument integration.

CloudLIMS is available for biobanking, clinical, research, or analytical testing laboratories, helping them meet regulatory compliance, be it ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, and CLIA.

You can contact CloudLIMS now@


LabVantage is one of the most complete solutions on the market. This LIMS software solution enables labs to run efficiently by automating tasks and fully integrating with systems and instruments. Their powerful and potent system allows labs to minimize the risk of project setbacks or postponements.

Stay confident of eliminating or reducing paper to negligible use with this solution. You can record, establish, and collaborate in both the experiments and test execution workflows organization-wide. LabVantage can support hundreds of parallel users at the same time associated with enterprise systems and instruments.

The solution adapts quickly to the customer business requirements. With a very experienced team, LabVantage can solve customers’ issues quickly. This, in turn, reduces time in training and maintenance, thereby cutting costs.

Stay in touch with LabVantage @


ThermoScientific LIMS can be adapted to the needs of laboratories. ThermoScientific is ideal for managing data, workflows, resources, and automating systems operations.

ThermoScientific software enables scientists to overcome the daily challenges in clinical and analytical labs. The administrative jobs are made easy making managing operations a breeze. Billing, reporting, and multi-software integrations are made easy in this LIMS software solution.

Contact ThermoScientific @


StarLIMS software disentangles the intricate issues of the entire product lifecycle management process. This solution is highly resilient to your lab’s needs. Given the dynamic changing data management in labs, StarLIMS supports the integration with your existing systems thereby cutting down the expenses of buying new hardware.

This software has multiple technology levels, business rules, and business data. One level can easily be replaced by another without disturbing the other. This lowers the risks and increases the efficiency of the validation process.

StarLIMS can tailor the solution to suit your unique workflows instead of settling for a much less viable system. Manual tasks can be minimized and automate lab tasks and testing workflows to stay in tune with the regulatory compliances.

Contact StarLIMS to find out more @

Blaze LIMS

Blaze LIMS is yet another favorite LIMS software solution among the various analytical, clinical and biorepositories.

This LIMS software is a fully feature and functionality driven solution to focus on your core activities and not fretting over insignificant details. The acquisition engagement process of BlazeLIMS has a streamlined process ensuring your requirements are taken care of. If any features are missing, these are taken care of as customization ensuring an easy transition.

Click on the link to reach out to BlazeLIMS @

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