Monday, December 10, 2018

Free Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Hosted on the Cloud


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FreeLIMS, a free Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), is available for every laboratory in any industry wanting to automate workflows and streamline operations. It is configurable, so that it can be customized for each lab. It is hosted on the cloud, so that it can manage large data and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It is reliable, secure, scalable and helps follow regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits of a Cloud-based LIMS

Big Data Management

There is a massive influx of data in modern labs on a day-to-day basis. Automation is pivotal for enhancing the efficiency of such laboratories, managing big data, and for maximizing return on investment. A cloud-based LIMS enables you to effectively manage samples and associated data such as sample source, storage information, etc., thereby automating lab workflows and streamlining lab operations. This automation further leads to an overall reduction in the time dedicated to data management and eliminates possible human errors. .

Secure Data Access

Security of laboratory data is a top priority for all laboratories. The high-security demand places a substantial IT and infrastructural burden on laboratories managing their data using on-premise LIMS, besides drastically increasing the total cost of ownership. A cloud-based LIMS hosted on a highly secure cloud server imparts zero-footprint on the end-user’s IT infrastructure. The data transmission across the web is secured using standard encryption technologies. This facilitates secure access of your data, 24X7, using any internet-ready device.

Daily Backups

The cloud service providers have a disaster recovery plan and a separate data backup center. Your data is automatically backed up on remote mirror servers positioned at disparate geographical locations, thus eliminating any apprehensions of data loss owing to fire, theft or natural calamities. Regular data backup ensures quick data recovery; your data is safe and easily accessible in case of any unforeseen incidents. Besides, the data-backup comes without significant up-front investment, making these crucial data backup services accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Follow Regulatory Compliance

HIPAA Compliance: The confidentiality of electronic protected health information (ePHI) is pivotal for laboratories or entities storing and transmitting sensitive patient data. To ensure privacy of patients, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has mandated such entities to follow HIPAA guidelines. You can seamlessly follow HIPAA guidelines and safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) from unauthorized personnel using a cloud-based LIMS.

Audit Trail: A granular history of the various laboratory activities performed by all users and tracking of any changes made to the LIMS data are required to meet audit requirements. A cloud-based LIMS enables you to meet these requirements and generate an audit report as well as send notifications or emails for activities performed in the lab.


Your laboratory data management needs are dynamic. It is imperative to zero-in on a LIMS that can evolve with your changing needs. A cloud-based LIMS allows the flexibility and scalability to add or reduce users, features, and storage space, thereby helping you to meet the present and future needs of your laboratory. This functionality is particularly useful for a commercial LIMS, where you do not end up paying for unused resources that are allocated looking at the future needs of a lab. You scale only when it is needed.

Real-time Collaboration

A cloud-based LIMS facilitates users to store their data on a secure cloud server which acts as a central repository. Users can access and share their data in real-time with their colleagues across multiple laboratories using any internet-ready device. This reduces turnaround time and accelerates the testing process. Unlike the on-premise LIMS, where a user can log-in into the LIMS from a designated computer only, cloud-based LIMS allows the users to log-in on the go from any internet-ready device. This facilitates for easy, real-time data collaboration across the laboratory irrespective of a user’s actual physical location.