Free LIMS Software Solution for Biobanks, Clinical, Research & Testing Labs

FreeLIMS Software Features

FreeLIMS enables laboratories to replace spreadsheets and paper notebooks with a free cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for managing laboratory data. This helps in eliminating manual errors, improvising data quality, improving laboratory results turnaround time, and streamlining laboratory operations.

The key features of FreeLIMS are:

Sample Management

With the advent of high-throughput technologies and equipment, laboratory work has seen a paradigm shift from small projects involving few researchers towards large-scale projects involving geographically dispersed multiple laboratories and often hundreds or thousands of samples. FreeLIMS a web-based SaaS LIMS software is a one-stop solution for managing your samples throughout the entire sample life cycle. Laboratories across all industries, including biobanks, clinical research, testing, food and beverage, cannabis, oil and gas, petrochemical, environmental, can seamlessly manage their samples along with complete genealogy and chain of custody.

Patient Management

Modern laboratories need to manage the patient information of all samples entering their laboratories. It involves assigning unique IDs to each patient automatically, managing various information associated with patients, including associated samples, demographics, medical history, tests performed and prognosis.

Storage Management

Managing storage location of hundreds and thousands of samples is imperative for all laboratories. The storage module in FreeLIMS enables storing, tracking and organizing samples in a customizable and hierarchical storage pattern. It provides a virtual visualization of storage inventory to exactly locate samples in freezer units. FreeLIMS admin user can assign rights to different user groups and choose the lab groups that can access specific freezers in the lab.

Test Management

Every sample in a lab undergoes diverse quantitative and qualitative tests for different analytes. Through this process, critical information such as analytes, sample custodians, test custodians, consumed sample quantities, status of test completion etc are consolidated in order to report the testing outcomes to clients. Under each test, all the analytes that are being tested can also be reported in FreeLIMS, for testing laboratories in clinical, environmental, food & beverage, agricultural etc. industries.

Data Confidentiality Management

The user management module in FreeLIMS extensively facilitates the control of role based access privileges for the lab users to perform various lab activities. Based on the access rights assigned, the sensitive information in the database is masked to prevent unauthorized access at anytime.

Compliance Requirements

FreeLIMS is developed with an in-built audit log functionality that records all activities performed in the system along with the date and time stamp. In addition, FreeLIMS follows regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, ensuring that the critical information is safeguarded from intruders and also follows the 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory standard to electronically authenticate user activities with digital signatures.

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